The builders have gone!

Yes, they're gone. Back to Poland, I shouldn't wonder. As ever, they've left a bit of a mess for me to clean up, so some of the sidebars need fixing and stuff.

Also, I've got a proper URL and that, so if the 'Followers' menu isn't working, that'll be why. Could you point all your liks to www.fivechinesecrackers.com please and that'll sort everyone out.

Thanks man.

**UPDATE** Arses! I spent hours sticking in the right code on every post for the official blogger 'read more' widget to work properly, and importing the template has buggered it up! Might be a while before the next post.

Nope! It's fixed! I win!


PhilH said...

Google Reader brought me here correctly. Hooray!

c64glen said...

Me too.

Nice place you've put together, like it.

Jamie Sport said...


Looks spangly. My Google reader redirected here without a quibble, btw.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Looking nice and a wee bit corporate but in a good and very serious way.

Sim-O said...

Very nice. they did alright, didn't they.