How to pretend 100 means 3,000

The Mail again. This time the story is 'Thousands of EU migrants homeless in UK'. I'll be brief.

The story says:
Now Feantsa says [stuff about the levels of homeless EU migrants].

An estimated 3,000 Poles are living rough in London, with "proportionately similar" numbers in Dublin and in Scotland, it claims.
But Feansta doesn't say that bit about 3,000 Poles living in London at all. The Mail has made it up. What Feansta's website actually says is:
The Simon Community reports that at least 30% of people sleeping rough in central London are from Central and Eastern European countries. Similar figures exist in other English cities as well as in Scotland and Ireland.
Referencing the Simon Community. The Simon Community estimates the total number of people sleeping rough in London at just 345. Their Spring Newsletter says:

It is estimated that there are now around 100 Eastern European people living rough in Central London and there are many more hidden homeless struggling to make ends meet.
So that's how. You just pretend. You know Richard Littlejohn's shit catchphrase 'You couldn't make it up'? Yes you fucking can.

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