Firebombed Muslims 'Asking For It'

Ah, bugger it. More Mail nastiness.

A dairy owned by Muslims in Windsor has been firebombed. The coverage in the Sun - not always the most sympathetic paper towards Muslims - says this this in the story 'Youths attack Muslim dairy':
A MUSLIM-owned dairy was petrol bombed by youths last night - the final act in a three-night campaign of harassment.

The staff at The Medina in Windsor, Berkshire, have been targetted by local youths, an unnamed worker has claimed.
So, if even the Sun frames this as an anti Muslim attack, we can expect the Mail to have similar condemnation of the people responsible, right? Oh, come on. Haven't you been paying attention? Its version of the story is called 'Race clashes hit Windsor' - note the difference right there in the headline. It frames the situation by saying:
Extra police are being drafted into the Windsor area today after three nights of violent clashes between white and Asian youths.

Gangs have fought battles in the streets using baseball bats and pitchforks. A Muslim-run dairy which wants to build a mosque was petrol bombed.
Okay. Muslims harassed and firebombed, and yet somehow they're equally responsible. Notice the passive voice of the sentence where it says the dairy 'was petrol bombed'. As if, you know, it just happened. By accident or something. And why was the dairy petrol bombed? The Mail says:
Tensions have been growing between residents and the owners of the dairy, who have applied to convert an office building into a mosque for their workers.

Despite a lack of planning permission to use Technor House as a place of worship, workers and visitors have been praying there.
You don't need planning permission to use a building as a place of worship if you just have a prayer room in it. Are we really supposed to believe that these 'clashes' started because locals were concerned with planning laws? Apparently so. It's the Muslims fault they got firebombed.

The rest of the article is pretty sickening. We have a quote from the dairy owner saying there was a petrol bomb attack and the workers were afraid for their safety. The rest of the article is entirely devoted to the attackers' point of view. I can't be bothered to quote all of it, but we're clearly not meant to sympathise with the people who have just been firebombed. Some choice quotes:
Windows of the makeshift mosque and dairy vehicles were smashed. Residents said gangs of Asian youths travelled from Slough to fight the white gang. One youth was reportedly arrested for carrying a 12-inch knife.
Note how this quote implies that the youth with the knife was one of the Asians, when that information isn't clear. There's:
"We have had a couple of fights with this lot before, but now they're taking it seriously. We want them out of Dedworth."
How dare they take violence seriously! I mean, for fuck's sake. Now we're supposed to sympathise with the cock end who says it's the Muslims' fault for taking attacks seriously. We also have:

"On Monday three young lads, about 15 or so, were in Shirley Avenue when the men came out of prayers and attacked them with pitchforks, baseball bats and iron bars," she said. "Whether they were provoked or not I don't know.

"I'm worried that if they allow the mosque things will get worse."
No, love. I'm sure they weren't provoked. Can't trust these Muslims. They'll just run out of their illegal prayer dens and attack you with pitchforks. Without provocation, probably. Give them a mosque and they'll come out with torches as well.

This is followed with:

Other residents said that late-night noise from the dairy was driving them out of their homes and they feared a mosque would make things worse.
Reaffirming that it's the Muslim's wanting a place to worship that are making things worse. Not the people attacking them. They could have just gone with the headline, 'Dairy firebombed as Muslims just ask for it' and have done with it.

It's tempting to take the piss out of the Mail for being stupidly middle-class and obsessed with house prices, and think of Hyacinth Bucket. But when you consider they're capable of taking a story about a Muslim business being firebombed and imply it was the Muslims' fault for praying, you realise they're nastier than that.

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