I'm back!

I've been away from the blog for ages, not being sure what to do with it. I started it, it went a bit rambly, whined a bit, and then sputtered out. So I've saved all the old posts as drafts for now - I might add them again later, or just a few of them - and I've decided what to do.

Because I'd ended up like a shouty loon on the bus banging on about one thing - that'll be what the blog's for now. Not shouty loons on buses - the one thing.

Newspapers are full of crap. Especially the tabloids. This isn't new to most people. What I want to do here is show how they're full of crap. Sometimes they use language in a dishonest way to create a false impression, sometimes they omit relevant information. Sometimes they just make shit up. Complaining to the Press Complaints Commission is no good, because they're only there to excuse the papers, and can be just as misleading in their defences. So what I'm going to do is take one or two stories a week, mainly from the tabloids, and show how it misleads or distorts to give a false impression of the story to bolster one of it's odd prejudices. I know it won't do any good because no bugger reads this blog and I'm likely to be preaching to the choir but one day there could be a build up of enough stories here to be able to point to to show how one paper or other is full of shit. That'll be nice.

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