You lying bloody toerags!

Okay, right. So I'm reading about lying newspapers and I come across this. It talks about a lot, but one thing is that the Telegraph ran a story a couple of years ago about loony councils banning hot cross buns at easter. Lots of other papers picked up the story and ran with it, as you would expect. Perfect grist for the 'PC gone mad' brigade's mill. Trouble is, it was entirely made up. The Telegraph had to issue an apology. Oh, how we laughed! Anyway, you can still read the story in the Telegraph here, and see the apology here. There's no link between the two, so if you searched for the story you'd have no idea it was bollocks, so a marvellous strike for truth and justice was made when the PCC made that adjudication.

Still, that's not the kicker. The kicker is that the Hate Mail ran the story as if it was true a couple of weeks ago. Read it here if you don't believe me. It's in with a bunch of other probably made up PC gone mad cobblers.

Sorry. When I started this blog I hadn't meant to rant about one subject like I'm some weird bloke on a bus, but I can't help it. I fuckin' 'ates the buggers.


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